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Water is a precious resource, we must work together to protect and carefully manage this fragile, finite resource.Thereís no denying the fact that Aquatic centres use large amounts of water.

Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction recognise the importance of holistic water management practices and has adopted industry best practice to manage water use and efficiencies for our commercial clients. We often get asked to investigate water reuse and water saving strategies.

Many of the public facilities that are regionally based have plant rooms that are reaching the end of their useful life. Beau Corp understand the importance for learn to swim centres, commercial aquatic centres and council owned swimming pools to adopt improvements in backflow prevention and trade waste practices. Managing water use and discharge can make a huge difference to the safe and efficient operation of any aquatic centre. There is a growing demand into water saving strategies.

Our company recommendations offer smart choices for a sustainable future:


Here are the steps pool owners should typically take.

  • Preventative maintenance is the key to optimise efficiency and achieve energy savings. Beau Corp develops achievable maintenance programs for our clients to ensure maximum efficiency. Itís important that swim centres and aquatic centres undertake proper preventative maintenance, identifying early leaks or problems are the key.

  • Beau Corp recommends Neptune Benson Defender Filtration equipment as it is proven to provide sustainability and financial viability. Defender systems eliminate over 90% of the backwash associated with sand filter operations and use a quarter of the space occupancy. Upper Coomera Community Hub Aquatic Centre, Gladstone Aquatic Centre, Charles McCarron Baths, Canowindra and NRMA Ocean Beach Holiday Park all enjoy the benefits of an annual saving in water of more than one million litres. In addition to this the energy savings on the nominated VFD pumps can save in excess of 60% on overall annual power bills and 30% reduction in chemical usage.

  • There is great savings in the value of retro fitting existing facilities with water saving technologies.

  • Never underestimate the value of a pool cover. Sunbather thermal pool blankets carry the Smart Approved Watermark and reduce evaporation by 97% when in use. They also retain valuable heat in and reduce chemical use.


Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction are committed to attaining the highest level assurance to our commercial clients by offering equipment that is recognised for its healthy water, environmental sustainability credentials and overall low cost of ownership. Pool operators regularly choose Beau Corp Aquatics to upgrade or design and construct their swim centres and filtration plant rooms. We have found our renovations on ageing local swimming pools and our creation of aquatic leisure centres have positively impacted these communities all demonstrating a reduced energy use of more than one third.

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