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Get your pool ready to make a Splash!

Sweltering summer is coming, and it’s tempting to jump straight into your cool backyard lagoon. At Beau Corp Aquatics, we know that for your own health and safety, you must first make sure your pool is ready to use.


Here’s your list:



Level needed

Adjust with


80-120 ppm

Increase: sodium bicarbonate

Decrease: muriatic acid



Increase: soda ash

Decrease: Muriatic acid or sodium bisulphate.

Calcium hardness


Calcium chloride

Stablizer level


Cyanuric acid



Poly algaecide



Regularly: 60g/50,000litres


  1. Clean the cover using a long-handled brush, removing any debris. Drain off any pooled water (but not back into the pool!)
  2. Top it up until water hits the middle of the skimmer opening. Let the water circulate for at least 8 hours. Note: adding over 2000 litres may require a local council permit.
  3. Balance the water chemistry -If you are unsure about this, we recommend getting the balance checked professionally.

    Once the water balance is corrected, clean the filter daily, and wait a week till you can see the pool floor clearly.


  5. Shock it! – Raise the chlorine level of your pool beyond 5 ppm to oxidise the nasties that the chlorine has killed in your pool. Weekly, use an oxidiser (or a continually working ozone generator).
  6. Put in some elbow grease - Clean the baskets; wash the filter. A clogged filter quickly wears out your pump.
    For cartridge filters, remove the cartridge and hose it down. With sand filters, set the filter to backwash before returning the setting to normal. A professional can clean your filter efficiently with no fuss.

    Clean your pool surrounds, and use pool tile cleaner or baking soda to clean pool tile grout. Avoid household cleaners!
  7. Check everything works –
       – Filter system: prime the pump before starting the motor.
       - Pump strainer basket: check for cracks that let debris in.
       - Light bulbs in/around the pool: consider energy-saving LED light bulbs.
  8. SAFETY FIRST. You MUST check and double-check your fences, gates, lock and latches. It is imperative children cannot access your swimming pool alone.
  9. Keep it up –
    -Remove debris
    -Vacuum pool surfaces
    -Clean the filter
    -Test the water balance

    When you invest in high quality pool equipment, such as an automatic pool cleaner to scrub surfaces, you decrease your work significantly.

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