Hydrotherapy Pools – Providing a Lifestyle of Health & Wellbeing

If you talk to most people living in an over 55’s community or retirement village, this is the response you can expect, "I wish I had made the move sooner!”

More and more people are realising the many benefits of retirement lifestyle living. Most communities or villages offer a range of shared common areas and facilities, social activities, plus the convenience and security of a "lock up and leave” home enabling residents to travel with peace of mind.

Many retirement villages are now offering high quality resort-style living with five star facilities such as golf courses, bowling greens, club houses, restaurants, cinemas and swimming pool facilities.

A luxurious pool setting provides both lifestyle and health benefits for residence, and has become a pre-requisite, when potential buyers are looking for the right sea change. Whether it be a lap pool, indoor/outdoor heated pool, spa or therapeutic pool – residence place a high value on the luxuries of life in their retirement years. They have certainly earnt it!

Today, let’s talk about the benefits of a hydrotherapy pool

A hydrotherapy pool provides a unique environment to maintain health, well-being and fitness. Hydrotherapy is the use of warm water combined with hydrostatic pressure.

Due to the hydrotherapy’s low-impact nature, and the way that gravity is countered by buoyancy, the pool environment makes it one of the best ways for those in their senior years to exercise and increase fitness without the risk of injury. There are also many therapeutic benefits including; pain relief, increased joint mobility, muscle strengthening and improved balance.

Arthritis is a prevalent ailment as we age, and once again the hydrotherapy pool comes into its own. The warmth and movement of the water helps increase circulation, reduces muscle spasms, relieves pain and promotes relaxation.

According to the National Ageing Research Institute, fewer than half (43%) of Australians aged 60-75 are sufficiently active to achieve health gains. Yet older people have the potential to benefit more from keeping physically active than any other sector of the population.

This is where a hydrotherapy pool in a retirement living facility can become a major drawcard to potential residents. If your over 55’s community, or retirement village, has not yet capitalized on all the wonderful benefits of a hydrotherapy pool, then it is time for you to contact us here at Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction. Our team of experts love designing swimming pools to suit clients’ needs; whether it be a luxury in-ground pool complex or therapeutic pool facility – we specialise in building quality pools to suit your specific requirements!

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