Blog- Your luxury lifestyle shouldn’t end when you step out the door

Outdoor Living, bringing the indoors outside


Top 3 ways that could help you, add real value to your home.


Outdoor living in Australia goes hand in hand with our laid back, social lifestyles.

So why not do it in style?

More and more we are getting asked how to maximise our clients outdoor living areas which in turn gives them the return on their investment.


Successfully completing the Gladstone Aquatic Centre Splash Zone represented our first project to the Gladstone Regional Council. We had the privilege of building this landmark aquatic leisure space for the families of the Gladstone community.

The $2.5 million Splash Zone Water Play was opened in November 2013, with the open day experiencing thousands of locals enjoying the interactive and fun water features.


1. Well-planned landscaping


Getting a landscape architect or a schematic plan to create a professional outdoor design before you begin will culminate in an outdoor living space that works exactly how you visioned it.


Consider paying attention to:


Low-maintenance gardens
Trees are unique in that their value goes up over time. Trees are a long-term investment, buy them at around 3 metres tall and in a matter of years you will have a beautiful shady outdoor area.


Keep your outdoor space looking lush and green with minimum effort, this is highly appealing.


Custom Lighting Custom Lighting can showcase features and are an affordable and practical addition that is visually stunning.


2. Outdoor Living Designs


Showcasing your property’s ability to entertain friends and family outdoors really enhances the outdoor lifestyle dream.


Covered areas create year round outdoor living providing shade and shelter benefits.


A well-designed outdoor kitchen allows you to entertain your guests outdoors for the entire evening without having to run in and out to prepare food.


3. Create a sanctuary in your own backyard.


"Why not holiday in your own backyard?”



  • The secret to the ultimate outdoor escape is Water, liquid architecture.
  • Swimming pools top Aussie property wish list.
  • Water soothes and relaxes and makes your home more like a holiday resort.
  • Water features and swimming pools continue to be a highly valued addition to any outdoor living area.They are inviting and serve as a beautiful centerpiece to any home.
  • Spas are a great complement or alternative to a pool that extends your outdoor living season into winter with its luxurious heating ability.



Ps: I know a great pool builder, if you need one!

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