Start Planning Now to Swim in Summer

It might be winter right now, but every Aussie knows how quickly summer comes rolling back around. Did you find yourself wishing you had your own relaxing pool last summer? If you are determined to have one for when the temperature rises again, it’s time to start planning now.


Unless you are 10 years old, running through the sprinkler isn’t exactly a dignified approach to cooling down anymore. Sure, you could stay indoors in the air con… but then you miss out on soaking up that summer sunshine.


Nothing is as refreshing as diving into the icy waters of your own private pool. This is an investment that can truly change your home’s exterior and your family’s lifestyle – for the better.


Early Planning Is Vital


If you haven’t already started making plans for your pool, there’s no time to lose. A pool is not something that can sprout up overnight. Though the actual construction of a pool is not a particularly difficult task, the planning and design is what can take some time. If you want your pool to be ready for when the temperatures peak next year, you really need to get the process started now.



Pre-Planning Questions to Consider


To streamline the process, you can consider a number of things before you even get in touch with your chosen pool designer and manufacturer. Below are a couple of questions you should ask yourself immediately after making the decision to get a pool.


For how many years will your family be enjoying this pool?

If your family is staying put for the foreseeable future, your personal preferences should be prioritised first. However, if your current home is only temporary, you should view your pool as an investment; focus on making traditionally popular decisions regarding your pool’s placement and design so that it will make a great asset to your property.


How will you access the pool?

Think about the type of block you own when considering the best spot to locate your pool.


What’s your budget?

You want the best possible pool, sure, but you don’t want to have to take out a second mortgage in order to afford it.


Will you be maintaining the pool or will you hire help?

You need to be aware that a pool is not a buy-and-forget investment. You will need to either put in regular time to care for your pool or pay for a professional to do so.

Asking yourself these questions will ensure getting a pool is the right decision for you as well as making it easier for your pool company to quickly plan and design your pool. The clearer your vision of the ideal pool is – and the sooner you get in touch with your pool creator – the more likely it is you will have a chilly oasis to jump into when those hot summer days show up.

For friendly and professional assistance with planning, designing and building the perfect pool for your home, trust Beau Corp Aquatics and Construction. Our friendly team has the experience and expertise to turn your outdoor space into a watery wonderland. Call us today on 07 3368 3893.

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