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A Guide to ‘SUMMER-ISING’ your Swimming Pool & Outdoor Area

Summer fun is heading our way. Australians love to entertain and there is nothing better than relaxing poolside with family and friends. However, although you may have kept your swimming pool in good condition during the winter months, it’s imperative for your own health and safety to make sure your pool is ready for use before making a splash.


Our team at Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction recommend the following step-by-step process:


  1. If you have a pool cover, use a long-handled brush to remove accumulated debris and drain off any residue water topside of the cover. (Remember not to drain it back into the pool!)
  2. Raise water level to the middle of the skimmer box and allow water to circulate for at least 8 hours. (Note: Adding over 2000 litres may require a council permit.)
  3. Balance the water chemistry. If you are unsure about this process, or any other aspect of pool maintenance, call us at Beau Corp – we’re here to help.
  4. Once the water balance is correct, clean the pool filter daily and wait for a week until you can see the pool floor clearly.
  5. Clean baskets and wash the filter (A clogged filter will quickly wear out your pump.)
    • Cartridge filters - remove the cartridge and hose it down.
    • Sand filters – set the filter to backwash before returning the setting to normal.
  6. Shock treat - Raise the chlorine level beyond 5ppm to oxidise the nasties. Use an oxidiser weekly (or a continually working ozone generator.)
  7. Clean your pool surrounds using pool tile cleaner or baking soda (avoid household cleaners).
  8. Check the following:
    • Filter system (prime the pump before starting the motor).
    • Pump strainer basket – check for cracks.
    • Pool lighting in and around the pool area. Ideally consider energy efficient LED light bulbs.
    • Stringently check pool fencing, gates, locks and latches. It is imperative your children cannot enter your swimming pool alone.
  9. Ongoing Pool Maintenance:
    • Vacuum your pool and clean the filter weekly.
    • Test the water balance daily. (click here for more detailed info)


Outdoor Living Area


Now that your pool is sparkling clean, it’s time to spruce up your surrounding outdoor area in readiness for summertime fun and entertaining.


  • Give the deck a fresh coat of paint.
  • Clean, repair or replace outdoor furniture.
  • Make sure there’s adequate shade protection from the summer heat. An outdoor pavilion is the perfect addition to create a luxurious resort style oasis.
  • A well-designed outdoor kitchen is ideal for entertaining during summer. (Don’t forget to check the gas bottle!)
  • Landscaping: a lush green low maintenance garden is appealing, however avoid trees with invasive root systems and foliage that drops into your pool, necessitating ongoing cleaning and maintenance.
  • If you’ve been in your home for a number of years you may want to revamp your pool with resurfacing, new lighting or why not add a design feature such as a waterfall edge. Also consider upgrading your filtration, heating and water management systems to enhance your pool’s efficiency, saving you time and resources.


For inspiration and ideas click here to view our gallery. Our team at Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction thrive on creating outdoor lifestyles for our clients. If you are planning to build a new luxury swimming pool or revamp your existing pool interior and surrounds, contact us today (07) 3368 3893 for a complimentary design and quotation.

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