Why Choose a Concrete Pool?

We are often sought out by Brisbane homeowners telling us they are confused on whether to consider a concrete pool or a fibreglass swimming pool. Some are concerned about the limited space for a pool on their land, or they are concerned they don’t have access, or perhaps need the pool to sit partially out of the ground.

Whilst initially concrete swimming pools are slightly more expensive than fiberglass or vinyl liners, there are far more advantages for choosing a concrete swimming pool: The best part of building a concrete pool in Brisbane is its customisability. Want to wrap your pool around your house? Then you need concrete. Want to incorporate a water feature, spa or bench seating into the one shape? Then you need concrete. Let our talented Brisbane based concrete swimming pool designers at Beau Corp Aquatics take your ideas and custom design the perfect pool for you.

1. Design: Concrete pools offer more flexibility when choosing a swimming pool design as they are built to suit your unique location. Any shape, size or depth can be designed to meet your specific requirements. Contrary to common belief, concrete swimming pools can be built both in-ground and out-of-ground. Therefore, providing added flexibility with regard to depth, width and length.

2. Individuality: Concrete swimming pools allow you to choose and add special features such as islands, steps & ledges, wet edges, beaches, bays, and in-pool seating areas. They can be built to the style of your home. This means that you can be creative, with curved wall designs, L-shaped configurations, right-angled shapes and so much more.

3. Long Lasting: If you’re looking at your pool as a long-term investment in the value of your Brisbane home, then you need to consider a concrete pool. A concrete swimming pool will last several generations.

4. Finishing: When it comes to choosing interior finishes, concrete swimming pools are far more versatile, offering a wide range of finishes such as tiles, pebbles, quartz, coloured render and more.

Swimming pools add value and appeal to any home, however the type of pool can make a real difference as to how much appeal and how much value the home gains from having it. Enhance your home’s appeal at a higher level by installing an exciting concrete pool. Concrete pools are built from the ground up, and are the most durable and reliable type of pool you can have installed.

A specialist concrete pool builder will assist you by designing your pool to suit the space you have, and will advise the cost ramifications of varying sizes within that space; taking into account your existing home and planned landscaping. Call Beau Corp Aquatics on 07 3368 3893 or visit our website www.beaucorp.net.au for all of your swimming pool needs.

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