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A Guide to Creating a Swimming Pool of Seamless Proportions

For many Australian families the backyard swimming pool has been an iconic part of their lifestyle and recreation since childhood. With state-of-the-art innovation in pool design and construction there are many more options available today including the likes of invisible edge (infinity) pools and natural pools that blend harmoniously with the environment.

 So, what does a perfectly designed pool look like to you? Do you visualise a quiet oasis where you can relax and unwind after a busy day or a space to entertain and connect with family and friends? Whatever it may be, Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction can create a pool of seamless proportions specifically tailored for you.

The following is a simple guide summarising the key design considerations to maximise the potential of your outdoor pool area.




Your outdoor living area is far more than a swimming pool - itís an extension of your home and reflects your lifestyle and personality. A perfectly designed outdoor space provides a seamless transition from the indoors out to your pool, utilising materials and textures that create a harmonious cohesion between the two. Glass pool fencing also helps provide flawless transparency coupled with plants, including bamboo and other natural elements to perfectly frame your pool and create a beautiful and natural oasis.




Although the aspect of your poolís positioning (i.e. north or east facing for sunlight) is a helpful consideration, the actual shape and size of your outdoor spaces is a major influencing factor when it comes to designing a swimming pool of perfect proportion.

Itís important that your pool compliments your outdoor area as opposed to being the dominant feature in the backyard. Big isnít always better. A smaller concrete pool, or even a plunge pool, can be a viable alternative to traditional swimming pools because of their size, versatility and capacity to suit a range of budgets. A customised concrete pool is also a great option, allowing you the flexibility to design something specifically tailored to the size of your outdoor space.




Whether you want to create a relaxing oasis or a resort style retreat where you can entertain friends while cooking them a delicious meal in your outdoor kitchen, as award winning luxury pool and outdoor living specialists, Beau Corp Aquatics can create an environment that reflects your dream and lifestyle needs. Weíll transform your vision into a cost effective, beautiful and practical pool design of perfect proportions. Click here to view our gallery.

Our Quality is never an accident, itís a result of Intention, Innovation and very skilful execution! Contact us to discuss your ideas and vision for your outdoor pool area. Call (07) 3368 3893

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