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Discover Naturals Pools

With a worldwide drive toward sustainable ecofriendly living, it’s not surprising that people are seeking out ‘natural’ alternatives when it comes to swimming pools. Not only to reduce energy consumption, but also to find alternative eco-friendly filtration options to negate the use of chlorine, salt and other harsh chemicals.


A ‘natural pool’ is characteristically designed to encompass simplicity with gentle forms and edging that blend harmoniously with the environment. Imagine relaxing in your own tranquil outdoor oasis where you can escape from the busyness of life.


How do natural swimming pools operate?


They function in an entirely different way compared to traditionally filtered pools, relying on natural pool filtration to create a biological balance to clean and purify the water. Therefore, chlorine, salt or other harsh chemicals are no longer required.


Natural filtration incorporates a special regeneration zone, which is separated from the swimming area by a dividing wall. The zone is comprised of shallow gravel beds planted with reeds, water lilies and other aquatic plants that not only oxygenate the water, but along with microorganisms’ act as living filters and organic cleansers - naturally and continually filtering the water.

The benefits

  • You can swim in pure, soft clear water with no chemicals
  • Flexible design options ranging from formal to natural
  • The balance of biological processes ensures the pool water remains pure and fresh year-round.
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Cost effective – i.e. very low power consumption and zero expensive chemicals
  • The regeneration filter system is aesthetically concealed
  • Respects the environment and you!


Even if you have a small backyard, a natural swimming pool is still a viable option by replacing the biozone with a compact biological filter. These don't contain plants, however utilise the same friendly bacteria to naturally cleanse the pool. We can also easily convert any existing salt or chlorine pool to a natural filtration system.


Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction specialises in creating environments that reflect our clients’ dreams and lifestyle. Our dynamic team can design and build a natural pool that will blend beautifully with your landscape, utilising state of the art biofiltration technology.


Beau Corp is synonymous with quality and delivery, with a proven ability to deliver sustainable design and construction services 50 years on from our beginnings. Highly skilled - award winning Master Builders – aquatic specialists who love constructing lifestyles. Contact us today!
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