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How To Optimise Your pool With Smart Technology

More and more these days many of us feel under pressure and time poor, hence the saying, work smarter not harder!  

With the latest advances in smart home technology we can control appliances, lighting, air conditioning, computers, audio systems and much more literally from anywhere in the world.

The same now applies to our swimming pools Ė they are smarter, more efficient and packed full of amazing features.  Instead of toiling for hours balancing chemicals and cleaning, you can simplify your pool maintenance to the touch of a button.   

Whether building or revamping your swimming pool, consider upgrading the design to incorporate smart pool capabilities. To make your pool smart, you can purchase hardware that will enable you to control and monitor your pool using an app downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. Itís the perfect solution to being able to maintain your swimming pool while youíre away, or even when youíre at home and donít have time to go out and check the equipment.

The benefits of smart pool technology include:


  • Automation of pool lighting via smart switches, including setting to an automatic timer. You can also control your automatic swimming pool cover and pool heating by the same method.
  • Smart pool monitoring helps manage chemical levels in your swimming pool by providing accurate chemical proportions for balancing pH levels, tracking and dispensing vital pool chemicals such as chlorine to keep your pool properly sanitised at all times.  This device also monitors total hardness, alkalinity, ORP and free chlorine and cyanuric acid levels. The small monitor is connected to your Wi-Fi network and smart device via Bluetooth.  When itís time to treat your pool, the monitor sends an alert via smartphone.   
  • Robotic programmable cleaning and circulation systems automatically clean your swimming pool eliminating the need for noisy creepy crawlies, hoses, and manual pool vacuums.  The system is able to calculate the size of your pool and pre-program the duration of the process, moving across the walls, floor, and steps of the pool, vacuuming up dirt, algae, particles and other debris.


Contact us today, ph. 07 3368 3893, to find out how you can have a smarter more efficient swimming pool.  Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction, luxury pool builders, provide unparalleled expertise, exceptional quality, turn key solutions including full landscaping, Lifetime Warranty on Residential Pools, transparency with no hidden extras and value for money! 



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