How to 'Summarise' your Swimming Pool / Outdoor Living Area

The weather is warming up, bringing with it the anticipation of summer and all the fun you can have in your backyard swimming pool. In this article, we will look at the importance of Summerising both your pool and outdoor living area; creating the perfect centrepiece for summer.


Before you make a splash, these are the practical steps you need to follow for health and safety reasons to make your swimming pool ready to use:

  1. If you have a pool cover; remove accumulated debris and drain off any pooled water sitting on top of the cover. (Don’t drain off back into the pool!)
  2. Top up water level to the middle of the skimmer, allowing water to circulate for at least 8 hours. (Note: Adding over 2000 litres may require a local council permit)
  3. Balance the water chemistry. (If you are unsure about this process, contact us at Beau Corp for assistance)
  4. Once the water balance is correct, clean filter daily and wait a week, until you can see the pool floor clearly.
  5. Then…
  6. Clean baskets and wash the filter
  7. Shock it! – Raise the chlorine level beyond 5ppm to oxidise the nasties. Use an oxidiser weekly, (or a continually working ozone generator.)
  8. Clean your pool surrounds, using pool tile cleaner or baking soda (avoid household cleaners)Clean baskets and wash the filter
  9. Check the following:
    • Filter system (prime the pump before starting motor)
    • Pump strainer basket – check for cracks
    • Light bulbs in/around the pool: consider energy-saving LED light bulbs.
    • Double check your pool fencing, gates, locks and latches. It is IMPERATIVE children cannot access your swimming pool alone
  10. Once your pool is ready for use, keep up the maintenance, vacuuming the pool surfaces and clean the filter weekly.
  11. Test the water balance daily. (click here for more detailed info)


Pool surround & Outdoor Living Area

Here are some great ideas to consider when ‘Summerising’ your outdoor living area, creating a lifestyle synonymous with Queensland’s sunny days and balmy nights.

  1. Make sure you have adequate shelter and shade: Spruce up your existing pergola and deck area with a fresh coat of paint. Alternatively, add a poolside pavilion creating a relaxed resort style ambience in your backyard.
  2. Outdoor furniture: Is it in good working order, or does it require repairs or replacement?
  3. A well-designed outdoor kitchen/BBQ area is a wonderful feature, allowing you to entertain your guests for the entire evening without having to run in and out to prepare food.
  4. Landscaping: a lush green low maintenance garden is highly appealing. Whilst trees and palms can provide shade and frame your outdoor area - make sure you do your research; avoiding trees with invasive root systems, or foliage that drops into your pool causing ongoing cleaning and maintenance.


Alternatively, you may even want to change the look of your back yard this summer by either revamping the pool area or restyling your pool with resurfacing, new lighting or feature the likes of a waterfall edge, seamlessly dissolving the barriers between indoors and out. A pool renovation may also include upgrading your filtration, heating, lighting and water management systems, which will boost your pool’s efficiency and save you time, effort and resources.


At Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction, we love constructing outdoor lifestyles, whether it be building a brand-new luxury swimming pool or transforming your old pool surrounds and pool interior – you will love our ideas and design solutions! Browse our galleries, and contact us today, for your design and quotation.


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