I have an eye for detail

I surround myself with Passionate like-minded people

I love inspirational "Quotes”

”Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”.

I Invest time into personal growth.

I continually Seek inspiration

I train when most people sleep. Exercise is my drug.

Train insane or remain the same... Zuu – check it out!

"Yesterday ended last night”.

Ocean swimming is required, as are care free Sundays.

I’m glad my wife found me & gave me 3 beautiful children. They are my life!!

"there’s talk of more??”

I have steel determination & will not die wondering..

Morning Coffee is Essential



I’ve been given the greatest gift of all, LIFE.

My three boys make me smile.

They give me enormous joy and pride!

I need to see & feel the OCEAN.

My 80’s dance moves are the best ever.

My wife is my Rock.

Maybe I talk too much

I love meeting people

I love beautiful things.

Creative people inspire me.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Dream Big, it's so powerful!

I'm a believer ...

Everything and Anything is possible



Construction Manager

My wife and family are numero Uno.

I am a passionate Rugby Union supporter

Travelling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller – I love that!
I love building and creating – it is an Art!
Bird watching is beautiful – I enjoy the silence and stillness of it.

"I'll Stop The World and Melt With You" - Love English Bands!
Walking is a pleasure

Fools and Gardening are my 2 pet hates.

Did I tell you I love Rugby!



No matter what happens MY KIDS COME FIRST – it's that Simple!

I love being with my children. They are fascinating people.

Celebrating in New York City was AMAZING.
I can't sit still!
My garage is the neatest in the Southern Hemisphere.
Food is so Yesterday – I don’t eat much.

I have many proud Mummy Moments.


Marketing Manager

Lover of list-making.

The most important time is Family Time.

Love all things adventurous.

Morocco is one of my favourite travel destinations.

Home is wherever my bunch of crazies are.

The best wines are the ones we drink with Friends.


Favourite saying..."You can't get caught up in drama when you don't entertain it"


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