We're focused on creating beautiful aquatic environments, that’s our Legacy

Why Choose Us

Here’s why Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction is the Right Choice.


Lifetime Warranty

Our commitment is to provide clients with ongoing support and surety. Our pools are built to last. We back the work we do.


One pool at a time
During the structural phase of your swimming pool we guarantee you are our only client. Personally managing and building your pool guarantees you the dedicated service you deserve. We believe in high quality over quantity.


Highly Skilled Licensed Builder
Specialising in the Aquatic industry you can be assured you are dealing with one of the best aquatic builders in the industry. We are members of the Master Builders Association and Landscape Queensland Industries Association. Our company is accredited with the National Code of Practice Assessment and holds building licenses in QLD, NSW and the ACT. We have been servicing the construction industry for over 50 Years.


Our Quality is never an Accident, it is a result of Intention, Innovation and very skillful Execution.


Turnkey Solutions
Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction Brisbane is capable of providing turnkey services. We hold the necessary credentials to specialise in innovative and sustainable design of your swimming pool. From concept plans to a Final Code of Compliance we remove the hassle, saving you precious time.


No Hidden Exta's
We offer full contracts with no hidden extras, with comprehensive fixed priced proposals. Our quotes are accurate, precise and professional. We are efficient.


Excellent Communicators
We place the interests of our customers first. We will provide timely communication with you.


Value for money

We pride ourselves on providing value for money, our services are appropriate for your project and are easy to maintain.


Beau Corp's execution for Quality begins with our skilled and highly qualified trades people. We place the interests of our customers first. Our team are punctual, well presented and respectful, always appreciative of your beautiful home, ensuring you peace of mind.


We recognise every single client is a future positive reference. Our business is directly shaped on the input we receive from our customers. We do deliver – our actual clients will attest to this. We can provide practical examples showing you how we have helped our clients and view our portfolio, which spans a variety of aquatic building styles.


No Site is Too Difficult
We have a proven track record of building on problematic or challenging sites. Steep sloping blocks - No Problem! Oceanfront Cliff faces - No Problem! Tight Access - No Problem! Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction Brisbane prides itself on being solution driven.


Ability to Deliver
We can provide practical examples showing you how we have helped our customers. We encourage you to speak with our clients and view our portfolio, which spans a variety of aquatic building styles.


Value Training & Education
We understand the importance of keeping abreast of the latest standards and laws in the aquatic construction industry. We have a proven safety-first approach accredited with zero harm incidences.


Complimentary Tailored Styling Consultation
More and more of our clients are moving their living rooms outside, so why not do it in style. Justine our outdoor stylist is creative and passionate about styling, offering you a complimentary consultation.


After Sales Service
We offer a complimentary maintenance appraisal. Beau Corp Aquatics understand TIME is a very delicate resource. Once it's spent, you can never get it back! Let Beau Corp effectively manage those time wasting tasks, so you can enjoy the activities you really love to do. We can offer you a step by step maintenance programme for your pool and outdoor living space. Now that's great service!

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